The Tantric Temple Priestess Training

Online & In person

Begins 13th March!

Are you ready to dive a little deeper than just content creation? Maybe you want to run your own workshops, take people on sensually healing group or one on one journeys

This is a truly unique training, suited to those perhaps in the adult industry, in the erotic embodiment facilitation world or divine feminine temple arts path. This is a training that will support you in your unique creation, your journey of stepping up into your power and owning your sensual magick! The Tantrika was the priestess who held the codes of creation in her erotic expression, awakening those around her through her touch and sensual activation as she was the divine consort.

This is for those who are called to this path, that maybe want to make this a full time way of life, income wise and essentially a way of being as you remember the power of your nature and sensual presence.

This is for the sexually liberated, the priestess who is here to share her kundalini activation with the world in potent ways that honor her eros and her sensual essence. This is for the modern day erotic priestess and how we can bridge this into our current society in our lifestyle, and the education that is oh so needed by the masses! We are the priestesses who have returned, the sexually awakened ones here to assist humanity through their collective shifts, and it includes our sexuality…it starts in the base! We are the movement bringing the ancient in the with a body and sex positive message in us and how we can help facilitate others through that journey too.

This can also suit someone who wants to learn at facilitator level, regardless if they use it for personal business uses, this can allow you to understand how to connect with a lover on a whole different level that heals, activates and expands

This container will not only give you practice and theory tools, but in the true nature of this work, it is shamanic container that will uplevel you and shift your life if you let it in the most beautiful, mysterious and deeply awakening ways as it will call forward the archetype of the sexual priestess within you

If you’ve been sitting on the edge, ready to dive into your sensual soul path, create income, deepen your own practices and embodiment and learn some amazing bodies of work you can pass on and activate your clients with, then this could be the thing you were looking for!

Only 15 online and in person spaces available for this training! This will be the only time this will be run this year!

Online 6 month mentorship: $1999 (value over 4k!)

In Person 6 month mentorship: $5555 (value over 9k!)

Payment plans available

If you are ready to own this path then email us to check out what is involved in the curriculum today!

There is only going to be one of these trainings this year and it’ll be limited to 15 in person and 15 online spaces to keep it potent! This is a women’s only training, mens training will be in the future

Click the button below for us to send you the curriculum and we look forward to connecting with you

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