The White Rose

Tantric Embodiment

The White Rose is based around practices, tools and philosophy to do with the ‘White’ Tantric Shamanic Path. These style of events and teachings will include:

  • Tantric Energetics & Clearings
  • ‘right path’ or tantra as a limb of ‘yoga’ teachings
  • Sound Healing
  • Meditation and Movement
  • Breathwork

This rose or level of the temple is ‘non sexual’ based but still a very important and integrated understanding of Tantra, for us to be able to hold the power of our sensual energy or to understand those parts of us.

Tools like breathwork and mindfulness are foundations to be able to explore the deeper layers or roses as they offer us the grounding and tools to clear our vessel, heal our nervous system, expand our awareness and to connect deeper with ourselves and others.

The aim of this level is purification of the body and the mind and is mainly about ‘self’. This may look like cacao sound healing and breathwork journeys and meditations for you to enjoy and explore.

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