The White Rose – Tantric Activation

Before we begin to explore the power and expression of our sensual energy or the potency of our orgasmic soul, we must first clear the pathways within the body to be able to hold the energy within our vessel.

In simple terms, if we are clogged up with old emotions, dense energies and blocks, we aren’t going to allow the base energy to flow up the body and be expressed in new and expanded ways.

Another big part of this is just being comfortable in our bodies such as being naked in a non-sexual way. So many beings walk around with fear and shame just around being in a body. The body is primal and a part of nature. Letting go of the conditions we hold around nudity and being in a body can be a powerful beginning to reclaiming and taking up space in the physical (including in the base)

This level of the temple is based on the white tantric path that is not necessarily to do with the erotic self, however prepares the mind, body and soul in order to be able to meet those other layers and levels.

So before we enter the arts that include the base, we create space for this clearing to happen through somatic and embodiment practices. By shifting old energy we are literally shifting the frequency of our being, which can allow us to embody more love, that then reflects n our relationship with ourself, others and life…including the path to full body bliss

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