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Welcome to The Temple Rose

Home of The Tantric Temple Arts

This is based around Tantric Adult Education, Facilitation and Entertainment to awaken your Sensual Soul.

The Tantric Temple Arts are modalities and practices, teachings and journeys that are here to empower you, activate you and awaken your blissful mind, body and soul and how we can explore this in our sovereignty and synergy with others

The intention of The Temple Rose is to create space for education, activation and inspiration for your unique Sensual Soul path to unfold within the petals of your own life.

The ‘Roses’ in this space are based upon Tantric Temple Arts and are alternative holistic approaches for men, women and couples to reconnecting to your pleasure and your exploration of these parts of you.

The main essence of this space is the path of ‘non judgement’ and seeing with the eyes of curiosity and exploration.

The Temple Rose brings you the magick through different in person events , workshops and retreat style containers across Australia, including services for adult themed spaces, venues, parties and events. It also includes products, trainings and even performances and entertainment for your support, enjoyment and exploration.

This is also an through an online space in our ‘Only Members’ section through the Only Fans platform for you to enjoy unique masterclasses, online workshops, demonstrations and performances to explore at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

The intention as well is to bring you all the most potent facilitators and experts in different areas of the Tantra, Sensual Embodiment, Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Kink realms

All the events and things that go on are here to support you on your path to awakening your Sensual Soul.

Each event, talk or topic will be categorized into Four ‘Roses’ or areas, so you can understand and explore the levels and layers available to you. There are MANY different paths so here we are going to focus on:

  • The White Rose – Tantric Energy
  • The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment
  • The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss
  • The Purple Rose – Tantric Kink

The greatest key to exploration is coming with a beginners mind and a ‘take what you need and leave the rest’ approach, there may be some areas, facilitators or activities that you find bring aliveness and resonance with, along with others you may not.

The great gift we offer ourselves is our sovereign discernment of we don’t have to agree or ‘like’ it all to enjoy the goodness that is offered.

Whether you join us via our social media platforms and groups, enjoy the in person events, par take in the online members section or shop, or even become a temple rose yourself….in some way through our trainings or the sensual creators club, this space is here to nourish and expand and awaken your Sensual Soul to the bliss you deserve to feel and be.

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