The Temple Initiate: 6 Week Deep Dive

The Temple Initiate6 Week Deep Dive –

Online & In Person

17th April – 28th May

Are you ready to step inside the temple doors and let The Sensual Temple Arts Path
transform your life?

Think about it…what’s the energy that literally created all of us to be here on
planet earth…this is your body, your life and your connection to the ecstatic
bliss of creation to reclaim and own!

And it’s time you reclaimed it and understood how to harness this part of your being.

It’s time to turn your life ON and awaken your Sensual Soul

Words can never truly encompass what this journey will be, as the transformation of these containers are half in the unknown, the pull that brings you into presence with this space…that’s where the magick is!

This journey is for those who are ready to walk through the temple doors and receive
the transmissions, as we walk down each step, entering a new level, you will
discover how each door you walk through will benefit you and get a very clear
understanding of what this path is and what level you are ready to play within.

If you have been curious about tantra, eros and embodiment work, sacred sexuality, what
temple nights are and how you can get a clear understanding then this is the deep
dive for you!

This journey is broken down into 6 weeks

Week 1:
The Temple Initiation

We open the container and prepare you for this initiation. for the next 6 weeks is going to invite you deeper and transformation is at your sensual finger tips, this week we get clear on who we are, our outcomes, what we are letting go of and what we are stepping into, this alone can be extremely powerful and will set the pace for the rest of the weeks to come as we will step into both the innocence and the power of activating our ecstatic soul

Week 2:
The White Rose – Ecstatic Activation

We take our steps into the first level of The Temple, learning white rose practices and
concepts, as we step into the ecstatic bliss that exist in the every cell of our body as we learn how to unlock these states of being within ourselves. This includes purification of what is in the way of that and the tools to support your activation, this is the first step we take before we enter the realms of including our sensual energy (and our ability to understand it and hold it).

Week 3:
The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment

We take a step deeper into The Temple to discover the innocence and power of our own
sensual energy. Changing the way we view sensuality and we start to understanding the meaning of Eros as we explore the sensual magick within, this is the first place to go before we do so with a lover or anyone else. This is important for both men and women as we rewire the meaning of self pleasure. This is where bliss can begin to bubble from within in new and profound ways

Week 4:
The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss

By now we have connected with ourself and have all the tools we need to start to bring in our eros and how we relate with full body bliss, we learn about tantric massage, how to open our body and a lovers, the art of erotic worship and devotion and connecting beyond the realms of sexuality we currently know. This is where we are initiated into understanding the sexual mystery school teachings and how to explore this with ourselves and others in fun, loving and safe ways

Week 5:
The Purple Rose – Tantric Kink

By now we have gotten comfortable with new understandings of our sexuality, what our eros is and how we can start to engage with ourself, our lover and life in general from this space in our heart centred base, We are now ready to go into our power as we weave tantra with conscious kink and understand how mixing nice and spice can allow us to access erotic states of consciousness (including healing) that can change our sensual reality forever. This level of the temple can allow us to truly understand our ability to be with our primal and our desires, our consent and boundaries, how we view ‘the painful’ parts of life and how to activate full body bliss in a way that integrates the light and the dark, whilst remaining in our heart.

Week 6:
The Orgasmic Awakening

Once we have stepped through the doors and made our way through the temple, we bring
this all together awakening the connection of the sex, heart and mind into the orgasmic awakening to walk through your life with. We have stepped into the Orgasmic creator, connected and tapped into our turned on soul! We now have a clearer understanding of what roses we are drawn towards to go deeper within.

Who is
this for?

This is for men and women who are ready to bring their turn on into every area of their
life. Soul whos
 want to learn the ancient wisdom that encompasses the tantric and sacred sexuality
mystery school teachings and understanding what Eros truly is.
Learn the different levels of The Sensual Temple Arts Path for personal healing, empowerment and wisdom on your path to reconnecting with yourself, your partner and life

  • Understand how to open your
    body to a full body bliss life
  • How to reach your Orgasmic
    Soul potential
  • Potentially work within embodiment
    or sensual education realms and want to add some tool to their belts
  • Individuals who want to
    learn techniques to open their own journey and also play with their
    partner or others
  • Harnessing your sexual
  • The tools for communication,
    boundaries and desires to be expressed and incorporated  (in and out of the bedroom)
  • Wanting to learn ways to regulate
    our nervous in powerful ways
  • And so much more!

These containers are filled with powerful expansion and transformation for those who choose to join

This container is for both men and women. Couples are also welcome and can be great
at supporting their personal and also connected work with each other. MoonRose
holds the integrity to create a safe container for both genders to be involved
and receive the potency of this work in a healthy, loving and empowering way
that respects all who enter the space.

This is also a great journey for those who are seeking to learn more tools to add to their belt if they are stepping into sexuality, embodiment, or temple arts work 

This container is a Eros friendly space, meaning nudity will be involved and a pushing passed our ideas of sexuality, however this is NOT a full sexuality space and the boundaries of the space will be respected for all


Monday evening 7pm AEST 90 min Masterclass and journey

practices and tasks for you to explore and utilize

guest speakers who are experts in their field

        Access to
The Temple Rose Only Members Section (valued at $40 AUD)

VIP Option: Includes 2 X 1:1 60 Minute Sessions
with MoonRose Magick (valued at $360 AUD)

In Person

        Includes all the online access

         Every Thursday Evening 6:30 – 8:30PM at the Temple
Studio in Mermaid Waters

2 x 1:1 In Person Session with MoonRose Magick (Valued at $800 AUD)

You can also choose to book in for an online sensual empowerment session with MoonRose
to get a taster of this work. This group journey is based on individual
journeys MoonRose takes clients on that are valued over $1500 AUD

Online: $333 AUD (full payment or 5 x $66 fortnightly)

VIP: $555 AUD (full payment or 10 x $55 fortnightly)

In Person: $777 AUD (full payment or 10 x $77 fortnightly)

VIP: $999 AUD (full payment or 10 x $111 fortnightly)

PLEASE NOTE: This course will NOT be run again at this
price! This will be the last chance to also get this information LIVE online as
this will be an automated course in the future.
There are limited numbers for this
container to keep it potent. This is the only time this year this course will
be run!

Applications open now, limited spaces available

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