The Purple Rose: Tantric Kink Temple Night

The Temple Rose Tantric Temple Arts

‘The Purple Rose: Tantric Kink Temple Night’ 

LEVEL 1 Beginners Experience

With this temples theme being: Sensation Play

Come and Join us for a Temple Night of weaving the realms of Tantra and Kink together for a night of unique Magick

Curious about Tantra? Want to dip your toes into the world of Kink? Want to know how these two opposing yet complimentary realms weave together and how you expand your experience of bliss?

Then this may be the unique event you’ve been looking for!

The theme for this specific temple night will be diving into the wonderful world of sensation play and how to weave the soft and the stronger elements of sensation play together in fun and powerful ways

This night will include:

🌹 Cacao Ceremony

🌹 Consent and Boundaries Tools and Tips (for safe play)

🌹 Sensation Play: Talk & Demo

🌹 Play time for you to explore for yourself in groups or couples

🌹 A Sound Healing to Integrate your experience

Utilising modalities and sacred rituals from tantra, mindfulness, presence, breath and somatic healing, mixed with the world of kink and conscious BDSM, you will learn how to achieve and activate full body energy bliss whilst understanding how to weave your light and dark to own the full spectrum of play with your own pleasure and with a lover in healthy safe loving ways.

This is a great place to start if you don’t know where to begin your journey into conscious soft kink.

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