The Red Rose

The Red Rose: Tantric Bliss

The Red Rose is the level of the temple here to unlock your Orgasmic Potential and Sensual Soul

This level of the temple is based around tantric practices and other paths of sacred sexuality that dive a little deeper into the base and can involve partnered work. We awaken the senses to their capacity for full body bliss and what the potential of erotic devotion can mean in our relationships and sensual connections.

Through this rose, you will discover the transformative potential of the tantric bodywork and de-armoring techniques, connection and intimacy practices with others and exploring the art of erotic devotion. We also learn how to cultivate ecstatic states of being, expand your capacity for pleasure, and deepen your connection with yourself and others.

This is the section of the temple that starts to bring in relating beyond ourself and with others in our experience. This is the path that can include another and how we connect in union, bringing full body bliss in how we play and connect with others.

Within The Red Rose, sensual embodiment involves practices such as

  • Tantric Connection Practices
  • Conscious Communication – Boundaries, Consent
  • Wheel of Consent – The Art of Giving and Receiving
  • Erotic Devotion
  • Tantric Bodywork
  • Yoni & Lingham De-armouring
  • Redefining what Pleasure means and rewiring programming and conditioned shame around how you relate with others

The Red Rose is also where we start to learn deeper around communication, consent, boundaries and understanding how to voice and explore our desires in healthy loving ways.

You can enjoy this rose through temple nights and tantric adult themed events, workshops, retreats and education for couples of those looking to connect deeper with others. There will also be masterclasses and demos in the online mystery school for men, women and couples to enjoy.

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