The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose: Tantric Kink

Once we feel connected with our mind, heart and sex, we can explore integrating our dark and light in new and profoundly delicious ways

The Purple Rose is a sacred and transformative level of the Orgasmic Temple Arts and Sensual Wellness path that combines the principles of Tantra with the exploration of kink and BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism).

It is an art form that invites you to explore the realms of power dynamics, pleasure, and spiritual connection through the integration of tantric and kink practices in a way that expands your mind and your pleasure potential. We like to also nickname this ‘heart based kink’ as it is for the purpose of devotion and expansion rather than retraction or creating trauma.

Learning how to weave tantra and conscious kink together creates a unique experience for individuals and couples alike, to understand themselves, their dynamics, their likes and dislikes, boundaries and consent and the other most notable aspect of this level of the temple is the ability to access full body bliss in uniquely different yet extremely potent ways.

Within the Purple Rose, Tantric Kink involves practices such as:

  • Consent & Boundaries
  • Wheel of Consent Work
  • Conscious Kink Education – Setting a scene, creating safe communication, preparation and aftercare
  • Erotic Kink Devotion: Conscious Power Dynamics, Sub-Dom, Primal Play, Mistress-Devotee
  • Kink Specific Sensation Play: Impact Play, Whips & Crops, Wax Play, Shibari Rope
  • Redefining kink as a healing, expansive, expressive and playful tool and rewiring programming and conditioned around fearing desire or pleasure

This can be a POWERFUL place to explore polarity, integrate shadows in healthy non-judgmental ways and reclaim parts of ourselves in pleasurable and powerful ways.

This will look like purple rose temple nights and adult themed events, masterclasses and workshops including in the online mystery school.

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