The Pink Rose


The Pink Rose: Sensual Embodiment

This rose is a path aimed at ‘self’ and reclaiming our eros which is the innate intelligence  of our sensual energy both in the primal and spiritual aspects

This is the path of self love where we use our grounded practices or awareness’s and start to include our sensual as we rewire our relationship to pleasure.

This path is really about reclaiming the connection between the heart and the base. This may look like the women’s temple nights and hens night services, guided meditations and sensual embodiment workshops and masterclasses on self touch and re-establishing a new way of thinking on how we understand self pleasure in its practise and how our body receives this as an art of unlocking life as a form of sensual devotion and healing in our mind, body and soul

Before we walk the path of understanding how to know someone else’s body or energy, we walk the path of understanding our own sensual being and coming home to our own mind – heart – sex connection, the inner union and owning its expression within us

Your sensual energy is the primordial energy of your turn on with the spirit of your heart, connected to your desire and the permission of feeling pleasure in the body.

To activate this energy, it goes beyond just sex or the physical act of pleasure, we free ourselves to connect to the most powerful energy we have in our body! This can be potent in leading us to the deepest bliss in our life when we heal and master our relationship with the power AND the innocence of this part of us

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