The Pink Rose


The Pink Rose: Sensual Embodiment

To feel sensual is to be connected to our core orgasmic essence, for sensuality is about awakening the senses and our ability to FEEL.

When we don’t connect with our body in these ways, our system shuts down our sensitivity, which includes our ability to feel pleasure.

Life is naturally blissful, it is the core energy that drives each species forward, so for us to reclaim this energy is to reclaim our erotic innocence and power

This level of the temple is based around pink tantric pathway which is about sensuality and is more about how we connect with ourselves, although it is ‘pink’ it does not mean this is just for women, however is more predominantly feminine or yin based as sensuality is a powerfully important path for women to understanding in regulating their nervous system

This can redefine our concept of self pleasure to a state of being within ourselves, including the inner union and self love we should want to come from before we relate with others

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