The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass

Tantric Alchemy Journey


The Temple Rose facilitates this journey annually because it has such a profound effect on those who choose to receive! and this time…it’s mixed gendered!

It is time to reclaim The Golden Compass and awaken your Sensual Soul

In this journey you will learn about some powerful tools and principles to not only understand how you engage with life (including your erotic expression) but also how you relate and nagivate your inner landscape

Now more than ever is the time to remember the wisdom lying dormant within us, to open and master our reality in powerful and potent ways!

Each week, we dive deep into the areas that make up our internal energetics, psyche and character, to truly understand the first level of tantric principles and how this effects our relationship to ourself and how we show up in the world

You can sign up to the Masterclass and get a deeper understanding of what this entails

The journeys themes will be:

Week 1: Tantric Activation

Week 2: Light Feminine

Week 3: Dark Feminine

Week 4: Light Masculine

Week 5: Dark Masculine

Week 6: Inner Marriage

Each we explore the theme of each area, its overall gifts and shadows and how this shows up in your life. This includes the erotic expressions of each area and how this shows up in the bedroom. We also discover what happens and how life responds when you step into each area (watch the magick happen!)

This journey is based upon The Temple Rose: The White Rose – Embodiment and The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment

Who is this for?

For those who are ready to truly understand how the game of relating with themselves really works, this can be truly transformational knowledge if we allow ourselves to embody the experience and implement the tools that can be translated into our daily life. Once you get the game, you understand how to master it! This includes your erotic expression and how this ripples into other areas of your life!

What this includes:

In Person:

  • Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm AEST

Each Week:

  • Monday Masterclasses 6:30pm AEST
  • Weekly Tantric Shamanic Clearing (this is a truly powerful experience each week!)
  • Daily tasks and practices

Begins: (Online) Monday 28th

In Person: EARLY BIRD $599


*in person includes online access

Only Online: EARLY BIRD $333 AUD


(Payment Plans Available)

This is for both men and women. There are limited spaces to keep this container potent!

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