The Golden Compass: Tantric Awakening Journey

Begins Thursday 7th April 6 – 8pm

This journey is for those who wish to explore the white tantric path that is about understanding our relationship with our inner yin and yang energies

The benefits include:

– Understanding why you may be ‘attracting’ certain people, relationships and situations in your life, with the power to then shift the internal to shift the external (this is a powerful compass to have!)

– Improving your mental, physical and emotional awareness and health, including your libido, understanding your desires and sensual expression (and giving it space to be fully explored)

– Learning tantric and Shamanic tools and practices to improve your life and

The Weeks themes will be:

Week 1: Tantric Initiation

Week 2: The Light Feminine

Week 3: The Dark Feminine

Week 4: The Dark Masculine

Week 5: The Light Masculine

Week 6: The Inner Union

Each week will include:

Online – Masterclass and Clearing (which will be available in the Only Members section for all to enjoy

In Person – (free access to the online Masterclasses and clearings) a weekly deep dive journey that will include sensual embodiment practices, Shamanic journeying and powerful processes for you to use that are relevant to each weeks theme

This work can change your life if you let it! Even if you ‘know’ this wisdom. The invitation is beginners eyes as this is a tool we continue to use and assist us in our embodiment of our tantric soul

In Person journey: $333 AUD Payment Plan available

Limited spaces 🌹

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