Temple Tribe

Come join us for this intimate & exclusive gathering with Moon-Rose Mickie & Jay Hoad + powerful live temple dancers, epic sound healing, ecstatic dance guided by Moon Rose, all live music channeled from source by internationally acclaimed sound healer Jay Hoad + special guests.And of course…. super-potent doses of Tribal Moon Cacao with a deep diving Cacao Ceremony,Come share in these divine transmissions that will be sure to awaken the soul.WHEN: Sat Feb 26th 2022

Loose comfortable clothing
Yoga Mat
Cushion to sit on during Cacao Ceremony
A reusable water bottleRecommended to eat lightly, or fasting, for best results — the cleaner the diet and body, the more profound the cacao may flow.ABOUT MOON-ROSE MICKIE
MoonRose Mickie is a tantric shamanic priestess here to walk with you to activate and unlock the Magick within Creatrix of the Temple Rose tantric temple arts space, MoonRose has a unique way of taking you deeper into the Magick of your soul.ABOUT JAY HOAD
Jay has independently toured 42 countries with his unique show featuring him on more than 20 instruments, usually averaging 200+ shows across 15 countries per year. He has performed, presented, and lectured at many of the biggest music festivals and conscious gatherings around the world as well as running his Sacred Cacao Sound Journeys (BEST EVENT AWARD WINNER FRINGE FESTIVAL 2019 & 2020) and his Conscious Soul Dance Events.He has performed and toured with Bob Marley’s “The Wailers”, The Temptations, Blood Sweat and Tears, and 100’s of others, and performed at festivals on stage alongside artists including Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) and many more. Jay has 7 full-length albums including the Earth Music for Yoga, Massage, and Healing album series, and has sold over 400,000 albums worldwide.ABOUT TRIBAL MOON CACAO:
Based on a new paradigm of business where we are all about supporting our tribe, tribal moon cacao has raised over $50,000 for our affiliates, and a percentage of every sale also goes back to reforestation in Peru, as well as supporting all the other environmental groups that Tribal Moon Cacao proudly work alongside.Made with so much love, Tribal Moon Cacao is Criollo Cacao grown in Northern Peru. It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao ever known to be gifted to humankind.Cacao is known as an incredibly sacred plant, the spiritual energy of our cacao and the bean it comes from, are created, cultivated, loved and appreciated with an abundance of positive energy fuelled with gratitude, joy and celebration for cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood brings.Our Sacred Cacao Medicine is kept in it’s purest form from the moment it is planted, right until it is delivered to your door. No additives, no preservatives, no temperature modificationLimited Spaces

Saturday Feb 26th


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