Shamanic Sound Healing Journey

The Blue Rose: Shamanic Sound Healing Journey

Sunday 20th February

5pm -7pm AEST

Temple Sounds with MoonRose Mickie

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

This is a beautiful Shamanic Sound Healing Journey that will leave you feeling elevated, calm and blissed out

MoonRose Mickie infuses the soothing sounds of clear quartz crystal bowls, tuning forks each attuned to the main energy centres as she weaves the potent tones and sounds of her voice that will take you into other dimensions of reality and levels of harmony that soothe your soul

This is a guided shamanic meditation journey to guide you into deeper states of peace as we slow the body down and allow ourselves to receive

There is scientific proof to show how Sound is a powerful healing tool and frequencies is fundamentally what our reality is made up of, this can offer us energy, emotional and even physical clearings when we allow ourselves to receive the medicine of sound

we will be starting with about 15 minutes of soft yin stretches to get you ready to surrender into the abyss of healing sounds

This event is available for both genders and all physical ranges as you just have to lie down and allow yourself to receive the magic 🙏🔮❤️

Location sent to purchased ticket holders

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