Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey

Are you ready to unlock the magick within? Join Moonrose and Katy for guided journey into your soul and let go of the past. YOUR time is now

Moonroose and Katy invite you on a journey to self through sound and breath.

Moonrose Mickey is a Tantric Shamanic Priestess here to awaken your soul and Katy is a grounded Breathwork facilitator supporting you in letting go of what no longer serves you.

It is time to let go of what no longer serves you and step into your true power. We are here to assit you in many ways to raise your vibrations on powerful ways.

Combining sound and breath allows you to reach realms you never knew existed, unlock your limiting beliefs, connect to your true self and expand your awareness. 

This journey will include yummy cacao to open your heart, a guided meditation and shamanic clearing, a powerful breathwork journey to unlock your highest potential and a soothing sound healing to to raise your vibrations. 

Moonrose and Katy combine both masculine and feminine energy’s and welcome both men and women in the space, we recommend not to eat heavy or processed foods 90 minutes before to allow your journey to take full effect.

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