The Red Rose: Tantric Bliss Temple Night

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul to Full Body Bliss? 

Then you are looking in the right place!

You are capable of bliss in every cell of your being and you are so worthy of experiencing this magick with yourself and with a lover

Come and learn as you shift into a new paradigm of pleasure!

This night of sensual delights is going to take you into realms you may not have even knew existed in fun, safe and extremely playful ways!

This night will include a some tantric tease games you take home with you to activate and play with each others sensual soul!

The Red Rose: Tantric Bliss Temple Night 
The night includes: ūüĆĻ

– A yummy Cacao Ceremony 

– Consent & Boundaries In fun and playful ways

– Tantric Tease games on how to awaken different styles of bliss 

– Lots of space to play and explore 

РA soft sound healing to integrate the night 

This event is for Women, Men and Couples. 

*There will be opportunity to play with others, to just observe and if in a couple to just stay in your own love bubble. No-one is ‘obliged’ to interact or do anything they do not wish to, as we create a healthy, mature and loving space to explore.

Your Priestesses:

Moon-Rose Mickie

Moon-Rose Mickie is an embodied Tantric Priestess and facilitator who has toured around Australia teaching thousands of men, women and couples on how to achieve a deeper connection within themselves and with their beloved.
She is a facilitator, sensual artist, creatrix of The Temple Rose and Temple Priestess of the sacred arts and rituals that range from the light to the darker aspects of our sexuality and soul. She has is a guest speaker for various events, retreats, ceremonies, workshops and expos such as Sexpo and Taste of Love Tantra Festival and is passionate about awakening your Sensual Soul.

Aida Jasmine 

Aida’s gift, passion and purpose is to create a sacred and safe container to enable you to open fully, to go dive deep within, connect with yourself deeply there, embody your sovereignty and live from that space.

She is passionate about embodiment practices that awaken your divinity, activate your purpose and align you with your Higher Self and Spirit.

if you have any questions please email us at

Terms & Conditions of This Event 

By attending this event you are agreeing that you are over 18 years of age. You are agreeing to forfeit any legal rights or actions against the space or the facilitators for damages or potential harm that you incur at this event or in this space. You take full responsibility for your experience in legal terms. Whilst the facilitators do their upmost best to create a safe container for your experience, by purchasing this ticket and attending this event you acknowledge that you are responsible for your consent, boundaries and overall well-being. You also acknowledge that this is NOT a full sexual space or full nudity space and is from the approach of tantra as a health and wellness workshop. The boundaries of the space will be respected. It is within the discernment of the facilitators that if you choose to not abide by the rules of the space and play respectfully, you may be asked to leave or not attend without a refund. The facilitators decision is final.

Refunds within 48 hour notice prior to event

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