Awaken the Goddess: Temple Burlesque Workshop

*Note: This is a Temple Burlesque Event

Are you ready to Awaken the Goddess within?

It is time you realize sexy is a VIBE not a body type and reclaim your sexy soul! 

As women we are so conditioned to not allow ourselves to feel SEXY…I want to tell you a little secret…feeling sexy is HEALTHY! AND it’s NATURAL! We get programmed and conditioned to reject our own unique sensual self and now is the time to say no more and awaken the Goddess within! And trust me…we all have it inside of us!   it’s your birthright baby! No matter how old you are, what body type you are…you can find your unique sexy!

This series is for the ladies who are ready to get back in touch with their feminine and reawaken that sexy is a vibe not a body type!

Feeling good in our bodies and knowing how to tap into that can be powerful at building self love, confidence and worth along with how we allow others to love us and in turn allow ourselves to love others

Each week we will be going through different archetypes of the feminine for you to rediscover, learning your erotic innocence, power and sensually embodied truth. The Goddess is not some ‘out there’ concept, it is a state of being deep within you to reconnect with and remember the love that you are as the divine feminine

You will learn:

  • Temple Burlesque Moves to allow you to let your Goddess come out
  • Tantric Practices to assist your embodiment journey
  • Self love tools and games you can take to your daily life (and the bedroom)

This is an empowering and unique journey that is going to leave you feeling activated, sensually awakened and ready to receive more pleasure in your life!

If you’ve been feeling like your mojo is flat, putting your own body down or struggling with the whole self love thing…then this may be the first step in the right direction to reclaiming your sensual soul 

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