Red Rose Training

Sensual Embodiment & Sacred Sexuality Training

*This is a ‘women’s only’ training at this point, men who wish to receive training can work 1:1 and can get in contact for full details

Online Training

This is a 6 Week container that will include:

  • Weekly Modules & trainings
  • Guided self pleasure shamanic journey with powerful activations
  • Guest facilitators and teachers to bring you powerful wisdom within these fields
  • Unique access to content that you wont find anywhere else

Some of the things you are going to learn will include:

  • What is sensual embodiment
  • Daily practices to drop into the power of your sexual energy
  • Manifesting with your sexual energy (the science and the magick)
  • How to facilitate others through this
  • How to run sensuality circles and journeys
  • What is Sacred Sexuality
  • What is tantra and tantric kink
  • Tantric practices for self and couples
  • Energetics and healing sexual trauma
  • Consent and Boundaries and setting up a container both online and in person
  • How to give tantric massage and bodywork for men and women
  • How to safely weave tantra and kink together for professional and personal purposes
  • How to set up sessions safely or explore this with a partner deeper in different dynamics

AND so much more as you will receive powerful activations and clearings in this container

This is for those who want to:

  • Step into sensual embodiment or sacred sexuality work deeper (the erotic priestess path)
  • Want to learn more about practices, tools and journeys they can use for their own practice or with others
  • Are ready to step deeper into their role as healer or guide that includes the base energy
  • Receive powerful attunements that can activate their eros and abilities in powerful ways and expand their services in sacred ways

There will be some potent transmissions for guest facilitators and experts within these fields that will make this n extremely potent container

Begins 23rd May

Only $777 AUD (value over $1555 AUD)

In Person 2.5 Day Workshop

Maybe you would like to deepen your knowledge within the temple arts, learn some tools you can use in in your group and one on one facilitator sessions

  • Crystal sound bowl therapy – how to activate and work with crystal bowls
  • Using the voice for healing – activating your voice and light language
  • Tantric Shamanic Reiki Attunements and practice in sessions

Day 1:

Evening cacao ceremony and sensual circle journey for initiation and preparation

Day 2:

Tantric practices for self and sensual embodiment work

Creating a safe container for others and practices to explore

Understanding somatic bodywork and how the body releases

Tantric Breast Massage Demo and exploration

Tantric Massage Demo and exploration

Day 3:

Consent and Boundaries work

Somatic body work with impact play

Understanding Tantric Kink and holding a deeper space

Tantric Kink Demo and exploration

Plus access to 6 week online container

$1111 AUD (Valued at over $3500 AUD) Payment Plans Availabel

(Due to the nature of this work and high integrity for this wisdom, these prices are to make it extremely affordable for those who are wanting to learn this potent work)

Limited Spaces Available

+ Massive discounts on red rose temple packages for students

*Note: This is NOT certified training, if you are wanting to gain certificates or want to dive deeper into a specific modality (such as tantric massage) we will have specific experts coming in that can direct you that way, This is for those who want to learn and not just for the piece of paper, however this training is extremely in depth and extensive somatic knowledge and wisdom and is for those who may be looking for offer services such as tantric massage, holding temple based work and sensuality circles with opportunity to use the online and in person spaces to grow your skills

*Highly recommend doing the purple rose training first to have the foundations over understanding to deepen into holding embodiment and temple dance space

*This training is perfect for sex workers wanting to know how to hold a more sacred space with clients or masseuses wanting to hold a deeper space within their boundaries of bodywork, erotic content creators and coaches, embodiment workers wanting to learn tantra deeper and even for women to learn deeper for their partners. This training will include nudity and sexual expression. This is NOT a full sexual service space or training.

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