Level 3 – The Purple Rose

Are you ready to awaken other beings to their kinky sensual souls?

Perhaps you are already in the adult industry in some way in the kink realms or are looking to step into that role and want to do so with love and empowerment. For the Goddess who wants to bring in a different, divine experience for men, women and couples in the form of bringing tantra to kink in loving and empowering ways.

Maybe you’re ready to holding a deeper more intimately healing space?

This is truly a powerful and deep place to hold people in and can be a powerful place to expand within….this is the work of the sacred sexuality priestess who can love and understand the darker aspect of life.

There is a lot of stigma and taboo around these areas of life, yet the most profound empowerment, integrations, expansions and healings can occur here when we are able to see the truth and gifts it offers us.

So many people are becoming more and more curious in exploring and integrating these parts of themselves and their desires. The path of the sacred sexuality priestess who can hold such a space allows them to explore this in a safe, loving and conscious way. People watch porn and believe kink or BDSM realms to just be from trauma, but when done so consciously with love, this can be the complete opposite experience and a powerful place to understand consent, boundaries and the visceral experience of integrating our shadows in yummy ways. It is time to reclaim the truth and divinity of this work and remember the power of divine feminine transmission as we awaken the sacred sexuality priestess within as you on the awakened mistress.

The pink rose is more about the inner union and our connection with our own eros, the red rose starts to come into the red tantric realms and the purple rose takes it even deeper as we explore the weaving of kink and tantra.

You will be given:

  • How to take someone on a tantric kinky bodywork journey (tantric kink massage)
  • How to take a group on a tantric kink journey – both in self and with another
  • How to hold a powerful space for temples night with a structure, along with priestess temple holding level training
  • Learn deeper tantric temple arts to support yourself and your clients
  • How to help someone overcome their sexual blocks and to hold your sexual energy in its potency whilst owning the mistress within
  • The opportunity to become a temple rose member of a powerful network of like minded women and potential collaborations with a positive message around sexual education
  • 3 month access to The Temple Roses members section (valued at $60)

Facilitator Training Modules:

  • Understanding Tantric Kink Bodywork and how to utilize (great for masseuses ready to hold a deeper space or step into holding a healthy erotic energy container within their consent and boundaries)
  • Tantric and Kink based Practices and rituals to utilize for self and others
  • Creating powerful journeys using temple arts such as tantric reiki, sound healing, cacao and other powerful tantric mystery school teachings to take your journeys to the next level and create potent containers that you can weave in with kink practices taking the experience to another level
  • Trauma Release and Kundalini Energy Understanding and facilitation
  • How to hold a powerful container and to facilitate with the potency of your sensual kinky vibe!
  • Outlines and structure for you to utilize (both with the temple magick and also the business details)


  • How to do an online tantric kink session via zoom
  • Personal expression: owning your sensual expression, using platforms to journey and express in a healthy way
  • Access to the online kink keys series journey via the members section
  • Powerful masterclass, teachings and practices to utilize
  • Potent clearing, activations and tantric energy attunements

In Person:

  • How to facilitate tantric kink bodywork including using whips, crops, paddles, candle wax and other forms of sensation play
  • How to run a kink based temple night
  • Opportunity to be a part of the temple rose team who will be hosting and involved in various events across SE QLD and Australia (including online)
  • Potent clearing, activations and tantric energy attunements that will awaken the sacred sexuality priestess in you

(Training to facilitate the 4 week kink keys series will be later on in the year with deeper priestess training for those who wish to continue forward on their journey of becoming a temple rose)

Note: This training is for the women who are already on the path of owning their sexuality, both in our own embodiment and the space we hold for others. This is POWERFUL work that can bring so much joy and MAGICK in our life. Becoming a temple rose will give you the tools and the training to be able to hold potent tantric alkhemy, including understanding trauma responses and somatic release This training is also for our own embodiment and holding a deeper sexual space and level 2 or equal training is a requirement which will be discussed individually upon applications

Begins TBA October 2022

Online: 12 Online Week Container

In Person: 4 Day Workshop Trainings (over 4 months) + 16 week online container

  • Online Training Space $1111 AUD (value over 2k)
  • In Person $1999 AUD (value over 4k) (+ online training access)

Payment Plans available for both options

There are a limited amount of spaces for this training to keep it extremely potent!

We recommend beginning with other trainings first before diving into this level.

If you would like to see the full curriculum outline or you’re a yes to this then get in contact with us today!

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