The Pink Rose: Women’s Sensual Temple

Dear Woman,

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

There’s something special that happens when we give space to soften, be sensual, let ourselves drop into our feminine essence with other women
This journey includes:
– A special blue lotus tea ceremony
– A special Tantric self initiation journey that is a perfect practice before love making or for opening and cultivating your own sensual energy
– A powerful sound healing to integrateThe power of this journey can help to:
– Reclaim our Erotic Innocence and Power
– Clear out sisterhood wounds that compare, compete and shut down each other’s flow of Eros
– Create space for our emotions and sensual to expand and flow, it’s SAFE to be in your body and EXPRESS!
– Learn new ways to understand pleasure as a state of being in your body
– Learn how to access deeper states of full body Bliss without the need for penetr@t!on (yes you are THAT 0rga$m!c!)
– Healing your nervous system with the power of pleasure

Now is the time to reclaim your sensual soul!

Limited Spaces. women’s only event


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