Level 2 – Tantric Temple: EROTIC DEVOTION


In ancient times, beings would come to the temple to learn and be initiated into the rites of passage around sacred sexuality

This temple experience is here to activate and give you space to awaken your Sensual Soul

The theme for this level 2 temple night is ‘Erotic Devotion’

This is a powerful place where our pleasure becomes an orgasmic prayer that can create full body bliss in our lives.

When we connect our erotic energy with this level of awareness, magick opens us into deeper intimacy, connection and orgasmic awareness

This special event with its very special theme will have some amazing and unique demos of Erotic Devotion such as Tantric Massage, Tantric Cock Worship, And Tantric Kink Play

What this involves:

  • A yummy Cacao Ceremony
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Some Playful Tantric Temple Games
  • Potent Demos & Performances
  • A chance to explore and play
  • Integration with crystal sound bowl journey

Please note:

This is a Level 2 Red Rose Tantric Bliss experience in The Temple Arts – The Sensual Temple Arts. This night will be a open sexuality space.

Participants will have the freedom to explore more openly that includes the genitals. This event will be held at the adult friendly venue Emporium in Tweed Heads.

We recommend attending a level 1 event if you are a beginner to these spaces, so you can explore safely and understand consent and boundaries clearly. How you explore or do not explore the evening is completely within your sovereignty

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