FREE Tantric Embodiment Challenge

Free Online Masterclass: 28th March

*Note: This is a Purple Rose Topic

It’s time to master your inner game to master your outer life! Come and learn the tools that can allow you to take your power back and live life on a whole new empowering level as you become the embodied energy master of your reality

This masterclass will cover:

  • What is tantra
  • What is embodiment
  • Ancient mystery school principles and teachings that can shift your understanding of life
  • How these weave together and why it is important to know this if you want to uplevel
  • Each areas expression in its healthy aspect and shadow aspect
  • How you can use this in your daily life to come back into your centre and play life on a whole new level of understanding (mastering the energetic game)
  • Creating a deeper relationship with yourself that can shift your experience of life
  • An understanding of why you may or may not be attracting certain things, situations and people into your life
  • A guided tantric meditation that can leave you feeling clear and aligned

Free 7 day Challenge Begins: 4th April – 10th

Join us in the facebook group for a mini taster of embodying what you have learnt in the masterclass in a fun and empowering way. The reason why this can be so powerful is once we learn what this FEELS like in our body, we start to see what shows up including where we can shift into powerful states for healing and manifestation in multiple areas of our life! The inner union game is the most powerful understanding of how this reality actually works, and you can start to access the tools to change your life…for free! make sure you join the facebook group so you get the tasks and mini journeys sent to you

Members Section Journey

7 week journey begins in the members section Tuesday 19th April in the Members Section for those who are ready for the journey for only $40!! PLUS access to everything else that goes on in the members section monthly (this journey was $888 AUD so this truly is a powerful opportunity to dive deep and have access to some truly potent clearings and wisdom

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